Warm Your Heart and Pay it Forward

With all the crazy weather it may be easy to get down in the sorrows that this is going to be a long winter and put yourself in a negative mood. However it doesn’t have to be that way. Towards the end of the last snowstorm I went out to shovel my car for the fourth time and third hour of shoveling, I wasn’t very happy. Then a young gentleman came over and asked if he could help me shovel out my car. We spent awhile chatting/shoveling and the chore didn’t seem so bad anymore. He even took out his snow blower to make sure my spot was pristine and free from snow. I thanked him and we parted ways as he left to snow blow his neighbor’s driveway. That night I thought about how nice of a gesture the man had made and how wonderful it felt to be on the receiving end of that. It gave me faith that the world is full of many generous, kind people and put me in a great mood for the evening and even next day.

Flash forward to the next day, I decided for the first time to save the spot that the man had helped me shovel because I couldn’t part with my cleared space just yet. I took one of my wooden chairs and left it there before work. That evening as I pulled onto my street I smiled knowing that I wouldn’t have to worry about shoveling or hunting down my spot. But to my dismay someone had taken my spot and my chair. It instantly put me in a rotten mood and rose my stress level. I now had to spend the next half hour hunting down a parking spot and shoveling out the snow bank.

It’s amazing how people’s actions can affect you and change the tune to your day. Maybe if we all thought a little more about how what we say or do can impact someone the world might be a more positive place. #PositivelyProductive