Connecticut Coalition of Interior Designers (CCID)


“CCID is an organization acting as the unified voice of Interior Designers in CT on regulatory and other practice matters. It works to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public while creating professional awareness and visibility.

CCID’s contributions have ensured recognition of the Interior Design Profession with the Built Environment Community, Building & Fire Officials, Legislators, State Administrative Bodies as well as Allied Trade Associations. CCID’s focus remains on maintaining the amended title of ‘Registered Interior Designer’ while continuing to recognize interior design professional qualifications through education, experience and examination. Through this the public, other Design Professionals, along with Building and Fire officials will be assured that the knowledge and application of Health, Safety, Welfare codes and regulations are properly adhered to within the scope of Interior Design Services.”


“Most recently CCID has played an active role promoting public safety in the Coalition for the Adoption of a Unified Code (CAUC), working with the Department of Public Safety and numerous Built Environment Professions for the Adoption of the ICC (International Codes Council) model code in CT.

CCID’s contributions have been favorable while participation has grown recognition and exposure of the Interior Design Profession in the eyes of the Built Environment Community, Building & Fire Officials, Administrative Bodies, Legislators as well as new association contacts such as Building Managers and Landlords.

CCID supported Legislation in 2015 requiring Registered Interior Designers to obtain Continuing Education Related to the State Building & Fire Codes.

  • A Public Hearing was held on 2-17-15  before the Public Safety & Security Committee  at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford.
  • SB 631Passed the Senate, House & Floor to become PA15-210  that was signed by the Governor 7-8-2015
  • An Act Concerning Interior Designers to obtain continuing education related to the State Building Code & Fire Safety Code – Took Effect 10-1-2015.

CCID Monitored an Exploratory Introduction List of Exemptions to be repealed and New Services to be added to Sales & Use Tax.

  • In this process it opposed making Interior Design Services Taxable again.
  • The Finance Committee’s Final Package ‘Cheat Sheet’  did not include Sales Tax on Interior Design Services.

CCID’s 2016 actions, efforts and funding with target working with the State of CT on the Development and Offering of CEUs in alignment with Public Act 15-210

  • This will ensure continued knowledge of both existing and new State Codes.
  • CCID looks to organize and offer Programs for RIDs to obtain  CEUs  on Bldg and Fire Safety Codes.”